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Hypno Gastric Band

Hypno Gastric Banding is done in just 4 sessions.  Under hypnosis we mimic a Gastric Band operation, tricking your brain into thinking you have had a band put in place.  We use the power of your subconscious to enable your mind to believe you have a Gastric Band in place so you feel fuller quicker enabling you to eat smaller portions.  You will feel fuller for longer stopping the cravings to snack in between meals, therefore you eat less calories and lose weight.

  • Session one is the initial assessment, an explanation of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  You will receive a food diary for you to fill in over the next 7 days.  We will then have a lovely relaxing taster trance session.

  • Session two is the preparation for the Gastric Band surgery next week.  We will review your food diary and talk about the changes you can make in preparation for next weeks surgery session.  Then we will have time for a lovely relaxation trance to get your mind ready for next weeks surgery session.

  • Session three, the Hypno Gastric Band surgery.  Under hypnosis we will recreate a Gastric Band operation.  We then go over a healthy eating and exercise plan.  We will rewire your brain to believe you have had a Gastric Band fitted.  

  • Session four is the last session where we have another lovely trance session to reinforce all we have done in previous session.

Follow up sessions are available if required.

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