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Beat The Back To School Blues!

As September begins we are left with that familiar bittersweet feeling. The school summer break, while a time full of family fun, is also a time of stress and worry for many parents. Whether these worries come from financial pressures, childcare and work commitments or even just how to keep the kids entertained, it's a time of year that brings with it a vast array of feelings. This is why when September comes back around and the kids return to school all bright eyed and bushy tailed we can feel mixed emotions. On the one hand life is once again regaining some stability and structure that we all desperately need, but on the other hand the children are starting a new year in school which brings with it new challenges - not to mention that they are another year older and we feel like the time is flying by.

Just like for the children, returning to the routine of normal life can take some adjustment and can bring up some feelings of anxiety for many of us. Couple that with the looming winter and it is easy to understand why some of us get in a funk. For most people this is something that is normally gotten over within a couple of weeks but for some of us it can take a bit longer to tackle that anxiety and that is where hypnotherapy can help.


Hypnotherapy focuses on the positivity in your life and helps you understand why you may be feeling the way you do which is important because sometimes even the existence of some of these feelings and emotions can be worrying. By understanding where these feelings come from and why, hypnotherapy can help you to take back control of your own mind when things become overwhelming. Using a mixture of deep relaxation and positive thinking, each hypnotherapy session gets you a step closer to a more positive mindset and will help you identify when negative thoughts are beginning to creep in. Using the techniques you'll learn through hypnotherapy you will be able to acknowledge negativity but deal with it in a proactive way before it become problematic.

So whether it be worry about the children starting a new year, stress about returning to work or even just adjustment to change, get in touch today to see how hypnotherapy can help you.

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