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Things to do in Lockdown 2.0

As the UK goes into the second national lockdown of 2020 it can feel quite scary and cause us to feel anxious, first thing to remember is we've already been through this once this year! so we know what to expect.

This short blog post is going to talk about things to do to help Lockdown feel less daunting. Start a new hobby if you have time, for example knitting, there are many videos on youtube with can help you learn and it'll keep you busy. There are also many recipes online so try cooking or baking something new, this will help keep you busy and improve your skills.

Maintaining your wellbeing is so important. Sleeping, staying hydrated, eating and exercising is all important. Some of us have taken a bigger hit to our mental health than others, some of us are just surviving and that’s okay. Try meditation taking 10-30 minutes out of your day to meditate and clear your mind can really help.

Try getting out the house for a walk even if its just for 5 minutes, fresh air can really help and make you feel more refreshed. It’s important to look after your mental health as much as you can in these tough times and it can be helpful to set small goals, and take it one day at a time. stay In touch with friends and family, FaceTiming will never be the same as giving your loved ones a hug but it is better then not seeing them at all.

Stay safe, I am still open so pop me a message if there is anything that you think I may be able to help with.

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