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What to expect

Initial Consultation

The first time we will meet is at the Initial Consultation.  This is the time where you will have the opportunity to explain what you would like help with, what you would like to achieve by coming to see me and, most importantly, how you would like your future to be. 
I will then give a detailed explanation of how our brain works, why we feel the way we do and how hypnotherapy can help.  You will have the opportunity to add on a taster of the relaxation trance if you like. 
You will receive a relaxation download that you can take away and listen to each night as you fall asleep.


Following sessions

Further sessions are 50 minutes long.  We always start our session with 'What's been good about your week?'  This can be anything that has made you smile, made you feel good.  This enables us to operate from our positive brain, ensuring you get the most out of our trance session.  We will also do some brain revision and put you on the 'happiness scale' so you can see how you are progressing each week.  We always focus on solutions to your troubles, without ever dwelling on the negatives.
Then it's time for the relaxing hypnotic trance - a lovely lie-down on the couch, time to relax, time  to do nothing.  I will take you on a relaxing journey using positive suggestions and metaphors.  You will always be aware of where you are, while drifting into a peaceful hypnotic trance state.  It's in this state that you are most responsive to positive suggestions, and we gain access to your subconscious mind.
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