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Coping with loneliness

Loneliness is an issue many people unfortunately face, you could have so many people around you yet still feel lonely. Covid-19 and lockdown has not helped with this. It has restricted your social life, interactions with people now are different you can't hug your friends or family, you can't have people round for a quick cup of tea, so what are the ways you can deal with loneliness?

1. Calling someone

Face timing and calling someone for a chat always can help, staying in contact with loved ones is so important during this time to keep your mental wellbeing on the right track.

2. Join facebook groups that share your common interests

Joining facebook groups can really help, having people that share your interests its a good way to cope with loneliness, wether that be a certain actor or your favourite animal, talking to people about things you have in common can really help.

3. Learn a new hobby

Learning a new hobby can help keep you busy, wether you take up knitting or learning how to draw a new hobby can distract you and keep you busy whilst not being able to see anyone.

Do not worry about anything though, If you need any help or have any questions feel free to reach out and email me, hypnotherapy might be able to help you.

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