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How to achieve your goals and dreams

Goals are so important to have:

Having goals means you have an exact plan for achieving something this is so important as it will actually help you. creating vision boards are amazing for helping you visualise what your goals and dreams actually are.

How to start setting goals

1. Set Specific Goals.

- Make sure you are specific about what it is you want, you need to make sure they are clear and well defined.

2. Set Measurable Goals.

- Make sure you set dates and times of when you want to achieve these goals by.

3. Set Attainable Goals.

- Make sure you can actually achieve these goals, they need to be realistic.

Reasons why goals are not achieved:

1. No Clarity

- You didn’t set clear enough goals or include an effective strategy to achieve them.

2. No Commitment

- You did not commit to your goals and you sat back, if you do not take action you wont achieve.

3. No Confidence

- If you do not believe you can, then you wont.

4. No Focus

- If you do not put effort and time into your goals you will not achieve what you want.

Don't wait until you have reached your goals to be proud, be proud of every step you take to get there, and remember be strong, be amazing and achieve what you want out of 2021.

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