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Dealing with stress

Stress is something most people deal with on a daily basis, work can get too much as can school, university or college. There are many thinks in life that can stress you out but how do you deal with stress?

Stress can lead to feeling sick and having a headache which is not ideal if you have work that needs to be done. Feeling your feet on the ground and breathing is very important doing this helps you know you are grounded and can stop you from getting more worked up

  1. Take care of yourself.

  2. Eat healthy, exercise and get plenty of sleep

  3. Talk to others, such as friends and family.

  4. Take a break, read a book try to relax.

  5. Recognise when you need more help.

Hypnotherapy can help with stress, helping you understand the way your brain works and what it is that is causing the stress.

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