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We Don't Know What We Don't Know

Dealing with the unknown can be one of the most difficult things to navigate, especially if you are particularly fond of organisation and control, like many of us are. Now more than ever there are so many things part of our day to day life that give us the illusion of control, like social media and smart phones, and this can mean that the unknown can overwhelm us.

How many times have you had sleepless nights thinking about a big meeting at work? Or an important conversation you need to have with a friend? Or if your child will ever grow out of picking their nose and eating it? It is common for us to think ahead to situations that are unknown and fill in the blanks in an attempt to preempt or predict what may happen so we can be prepared for it. However more often than not we end up filling in the blanks with negativity; failing the meeting, losing a friend, the child still eating their bogies on their wedding day! This is called negative forecasting and is one of the biggest ways that we can be our own worst enemy.

How can hynotherapy help with negative forecasting?

Negative forecasting is the process by which we look ahead to the unknown and fill what we don't know with negativity. This, in turn, can give us things to worry about that may not even happen which consequently can contribute to anxiety and depression. Hypnotherapy can help you identify your own problematic behaviour, swap the negative for positive and help you accept the unknown - and even look forward to it! By using deep relaxation, hypnotherapy is able to train your mind on an unconscious level to change the behaviours that are ingrained in you and lead you to do things like negatively forecast. On top of this, hypnotherapy can help you lead a more positive life overall by helping you understand how your own mind works and why you may think or react to certain thoughts or situations in the way you do. By understanding your mind you are able to control what train of thoughts you allow to continue thereby giving you back to the control to stop these negative thought processes as they arise. By dealing with a tendency to negatively forecast, you will feel les anxious and worried and more able to look to the future and the unknown with positivity and excitement rather than apprehension and dread.

Get in touch today to book your consultation and start your journey to a more positive future.

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